About Amanda on Honey Darling Company

In the south there are no strangers, just friends we haven't made yet. Hey there, it's me, Amanda! I personally handcraft our designs. From printing to packaging and every step in between, I do it all. You could say I'm a one woman rodeo. That way we can offer high-quality garments in small batches (just like the finest Kentucky bourbon). Luckily at an early drinking age my daddy, R.D., taught me the importance of pairing hard work followed by great bourbon. Funny how my best ideas seem to come to me after pleasantly enjoying a good pour, or two.

Our company name, Honey Darling, comes from a term of endearment we use in the south. My sweet great aunt, Lettie Lynn, first started calling me honey darling as a baby growing up in Kentucky.

I started this venture because my ruggedly handsome husband, Dillon, coaches in professional baseball. Which means we move around a bunch. Like five moves in five years. So, I wanted to be able to create something that with other mommas. And it had to pack up into a few boxes in case of move number 6. When we added yet another wild boy into the mix, life just got wilder. Two busy boys (which is busier than any given Thursday night at a college bar) keeps us on our toes. Reminiscing on those nights filled with all you can drink beer, now have been replaced with all you can clean clothes + dishes.

So, let's raise a glass in honor of mommas everywhere. To never feeling as if we have it all together. Cheers y'all!


\\ Amanda